ChatGBT is a web-based chat platform that is operated by OpenAI, a research organization that focuses on the development of artificial intelligence technologies. The chat platform is designed to allow users to communicate with each other in real-time using text-based messages.

To create an account with ChatGBT using a virtual phone number, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ChatGBT website and click on the “Sign Up” button.
  2. Fill in the required information, including your name, email address, and desired username.
  3. Use Fanytel to get a UK virtual mobile number and use it as your preferred method of verification.
  4. Follow any additional prompts or instructions to complete the account creation process. This may involve verifying your email address or completing a CAPTCHA.
  5. Once your account has been created, you should be able to log in using your username and password and start using ChatGBT with your virtual phone number.

It’s worth noting that the exact process for creating an account with ChatGBT may vary depending on the specific version of the app or website that you are using. If you have any difficulty following the steps outlined above, you may want to refer to ChatGBT’s documentation or contact their customer support team for assistance.

How to get a Second Phone Number?

Keep your personal life private!

Most of us only have one phone number, and we probably don’t want to share that one number with everyone. A disposable second number is awfully useful for one-time conversations, or the early stages of online dating. Or perhaps you’re starting your own business and need a separate work number.

If you want a way to separate your calls without shelling out an expensive monthly fee for a second line, there is Fanytel app that can give you an additional number on the cheap.

Fanytel is an app available for iOS and Android that allows you to pick a US Phone Number from any area code you desire, and whenever someone calls it, Fanytel will forward them to your phone, wherever you are. It’s easy to use, secure, and  you can use it to register with WhatsApp, Telegram and other messaging services.

This is how a virtual number works?

A virtual phone number does not require a SIM card or a physical address. It allows you to make real calls between people using secure internet technology.

A virtual number takes private calls over VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). This is basically the same proven technology that is used to make calls and send text messages via iMessage, WhatsApp and Google Voice.

VoIP is booming because it allows you to communicate in real time using your existing broadband connection.

Through a cloud communications provider, your private calls are digitized and connected via the internet and the traditional telephone network.

Over the years, a number of VoIP codecs have provided richer call quality without consuming a lot of data. As US telephone numbers are portable, there is no need to convert them.

This process is called number portability, which means that any VoIP provider can port your business phone number.

So you do not need a wired Ethernet connection to receive calls using your VoIP phone number. As long as you have a fast and reliable data transmission environment, such as 4G LTE or Wi-Fi, you can make calls. In this way, you can receive calls from your mobile phone using a virtual phone number.

How to Get Virtual Number For WhatsApp?

Why would you need a virtual number for WhatsApp?

Looking for a way to get a virtual number? Fanytel will show you the best way to get a virtual WhatsApp number.
It’s either because you don’t want to share your real number on social media for privacy reasons or you want to get a second fake Whatsapp account.
Several reasons encourage you to have a fake number to verify your Whatsapp account or create a second WhatsApp account in addition to your original one, including:
  • More privacy
  • Hide your number
  • Keep your number secure
Either you are a normal person or a businessman. The following reasons show why to use virtual phone number for whatsapp is a must.

How to verify your virtual phone number on WhatsApp?

Well, you can use a virtual number from Fanytel App by buying a US Virtual Number at a very low cost, $0.99 / month.
Follow these steps to activate WhatsApp with your virtual phone number:
  1. Install the Fanytel app on your device and buy a US Virtual Number for WhatsApp at $0.99 / month + $0.99 one-time setup fee.
  2. Then, download WhatsApp or WhatsApp business and choose USA country, then enter your US Virtual phone number in the box on the right. Don’t put any +1 before your phone number as already added in country selection.
  3. Tap Next to request a code. Then enter the 6-digit code you receive via SMS over your Fanytel App
  4. If you didn’t receive the 6-digit code by SMS, wait until the timer runs out, Choose the Call me option to request the call. You will answer the call over Fanytel App, an automated voice should tell you the 6-digit code. Insert that to verify WhatsApp.

Why WhatsApp has banned my virtual phone number?

The reasons for WhatsApp banning your number are:
1. People report or Block you. This is the #1 reason for your number getting banned.
2. When you try to register with multiple numbers in a short period.
3. When you send spam messages.
If you believe that you have not violate the terms of the WhatsApp, you may contact them:

US Virtual Phone Numbers for Business

Virtual Number For Business

Business calls on a personal phone number can be very intrusive and compromise your privacy. Obviously, it cannot be extended to more people.

For this reason, lots of new and existing businesses are using virtual phone number apps in order to get a personalized phone number for their business.

A virtual phone number for business gives you the ability to utilize a single number on your laptop, mobile and desktop phone. This means you can easily transfer calls, record voice messages and even use the same number for different employees.

You don’t need any technical knowledge to set up a virtual business telephone number quickly and easily. Simply download the application to your mobile phone or computer and you’re ready to go.

Why does your business need a US virtual phone?

Either you run a small business website or an e-commerce shop; you will give your customers a quick way to contact you to grow your business. With most businesses today operating online, customers need more ways to contact you.

Communication tools like email, chat and SMS are helpful, but nothing compares to the real voice of the person on the other side of the phone.

Often, companies think that having a landline is enough. Nevertheless, you will immediately see how inefficient conventional landlines are in terms of answering calls from businesses and customers. In addition, you should never commit the wrong mistake and use your Personal Phone Number for Business Reasons.

Here’s where a virtual business phone number application can come into your aid. It offers the following advantages over a traditional landline or mobile phone number.

How can Fanytel help your business?

Fanytel provides you with all the communication tools you need to make your business professional and to enter new markets smoothly. Here are some of the ways in which can help your business:

  1. Flexibility

Easily take control of your business by using a virtual mobile phone or toll-free number without having a physical presence in that country. You can do business in the country and create a local presence for your brand, wherever you are in the world. Wherever you are, you can forward calls to your own mobile phone using a virtual mobile number.

  1. Privacy and security

With Fanytel’s virtual mobile phone numbers, you are guaranteed maximum privacy. Your customers can contact you by calling you without posing any additional security risk to your personal phone number.

  1. Cost-effective

With Fanytel’s virtual phone numbers, you don’t have to worry about setting up a physical office in a new country. It costs much less than traditional international calling methods.

أسهل طريقة للحصول على رقم امريكي للواتس آب

رقم امريكي لتفعيل الواتس اب

يعد تطبيق فانيتل من أنجح التطبيقات التي تقدم خدمة الأرقام الامريكية للاستخدام على الشخصي في الاتصالات والرسائل النصية وكذلك في تفعيلها على مواقع التواصل مثل واتس اب وغيرها، كما أنه قد يمنحك رقمًا مميزًا في بعض الحالات ويمكنك الاعتماد عليه واستخدامه وكأنك تستخدم رقمًا مسجلًا بشكل رسمي.

ما هو الرقم الوهمي؟

رقم وهمي أو رقم افتراضي، هو رقم حقيقي ومرخص ولكن من دون شريحة بلاستيكية حقيقة. عادةً ما يتمُّ برمجةُ مثل هذه الأرقام لإعادةِ توجيه المكالمات والرسائل النصية عبر الإنترنت إلى التطبيق المزود لهذه الخدمة، مثل تطبيق فانيتل – أرقام أميركية

ما هي فوائد تفعيل رقم وهمي للواتس ؟

لقد بات تطبيق واتس اب واحدة من التطبيقات التي لا غنى لنا عنها, سواء في حياتنا الشخصية أو العملية. ولكن لمحدودية الأرقام التي يمكن تفعيل التطبيق عليها باستخدام الشرائح الحقيقية, ظهرت بعد المحدوديات للتطبيق. ولكن, مع تقنية الأرقام الوهمية التي توفرها عدة مواقع وتطبيق مثل فانيتل – أرقام أميركية. أصبح بإمكانك تفعيل عدد غير متناهي من الأرقام على تطبيق واتس أب ولكن، ما هي فوائد تفعيل رقم وهمي للواتس  ؟

فوائد تفعيل رقم وهمي للواتس للأفراد والحياه الشخصية

الموازنة بين عملك وحياتك الشخصية

في غضون إدراتك لنشاطك التجاري الخاص باستخدام حساب واتساب؛ قد تشعر بمدى حاجتك لجعل الأمر أكثر تخصصاً، فترغب أكثر في فصل جهات اتصالاتك الخاصة عن المهنية. تلجأ حينئذٍ إلى تفعيل واتساب التجاري لعرض نشاطك بصورة مهنية والاستفادة من العديد من المزايا التي يقدمها بما في ذلك ملف تعريف متخصص يشمل على موقع عملك ورقمك وساعات العمل وغيرها. ولكن ذلك يتطلب منك تفعيل حسابك برقم مغاير لرقمك الخاص. هنا لاعليك سوى تفعيل حسابك في الواتساب برقم وهمي أمريكي. أي بات يمكنك الحفاظ على سلاسة الدردشة مع أصدقائك وأفراد عائلتك بينما ترد على استفسارات عملائك وفريق عملك على رقمك الوهمي الآخر على واتساب التجاري.


يشكل امتلاكك لرقم وهمي فرقاً ملموساً في حال عدم رغبتك في الكشف عن رقم هاتفك الشخصي للجمهور بينما تستغل هذه المنصة التي يفوق عدد مستخدميها 1.6 بليون مستخدم من حول العالم في إدارة حملاتك التسويقية. بهذا تضمن عدم مشاركة رقمك مع الكثير من الغرباء وعدم اضطرارك لشراء شريحة عادية أخرى. فتفعيلك للرقم الوهمي على الواتساب يمنحك المقدرة على إخفاء رقمك عند التواصل مع عملائك والسيطرة على خصوصيتك وهويتك.

تعارف وعلاقات أسهل

إذا كنت من الأشخاص الذين لديهم هواة تجول العالم والتعرف على أصدقاء من بلدان مختلفة والحفاظ على علاقة وطيدة معهم، فسيكون امتلاكك للرقم الوهمي من البلد التي تمتلك أصدقائك منها إضافة مميزة لك، حيث يجعل اتصالك ودردشتك معهم على رقم واتساب بنفس مقدمة دولتهم أكثر جدارة بثقة بك من قبلهم. وبهذا تحافظ على مسافة أقرب وتواصل أفضل معهم.

إعداد وتفعيل سلس

يمكنك اختيار الرقم الوهمي للواتساب من عدة أرقام بما ترآه أسهل عليك وعلى معارفك حفظه والوصول إليه. كما ويمكنك كفرد مستقل في البحث عن فرص عمل عن بعد، فالكثير من الفوائد التي يمكن أن تعود على شخصك بالنفع عند تفعيل رقمك الوهمي على الواتساب وقيامك بإجراء مقابلات عمل من أي مكان حول العالم وذلك بعدد من الخطوات السهلة لتفعيل الرقم.

رقم امريكي مجاني لتفعيل الواتس اب؟

من المحتمل أنك رأيت إعلانات لتطبيقات توفر أرقامًا أميركية مجانية. ولكن غالبًا ما يكون هذا فخ مع تجديد تلقائي باهظ الثمن! بينما يوفر فانيتل أرقام أميركية من دون أية رسوم خفية٫ مضمونة للعمل مع وتس أب، مقابل ٠٫٩٩ دولار شهريًا فقط.


Virtual Number for Telegram

Virtual Number for Telegram

Maybe you’re a Telegram fan and you couldn’t think of a life without checking for updates on your favorite channel? If you are a Telegram user, you may want to create a second Telegram account.
However, you cannot create more than one Telegram account with the same phone number.
Nevertheless! There are a few tricks to registering for Telegram without a phone number. Firstly, you can combine VoIP applications with mobile data and wireless services.

Is it possible to use Telegram with no phone number?

Every time you create a new account with Telegram, you will be asked to enter your phone number. For this phone number, you will receive a verification code to confirm that you are the actual owner of the account. Without entering the verification code, you will not be able to continue.
Nevertheless, one simple tip is available which you can use to register multiple Telegram accounts on your phone. This can be carried out using a virtual phone number.
This is the perfect way to register with Telegram, but also for those who want to register using a virtual phone number for security or other reasons.
At Fanytel you will find a number of VoIP with a real US phone number to pick up incoming texts and calls to fulfil your verification with Telegram.

Is it necessary to have a Telegram virtual number?

The Telegram phone verification is mandatory when you sign up for an account.
When you download the Telegram application for the first time, you will immediately be asked to provide a phone number to enter into the application.

Is it better or worse to use a virtual number on Telegram?

Using a virtual number is not against Telegram’s rules, but using a virtual number avoids the use of a real phone number for privacy reasons.
If you add or provide your number to an application or service, you don’t really know where your number will go or how it will be used. Your number could be added to a spam or scam phone list, or sold to another telemarketer.

How you can get a Telegram US virtual phone number?

If you’re looking for a Telegram US virtual phone number, you’ve come to the right place.
Fanytel is a virtual phone number application that gives you the opportunity to get a US virtual phone number only for $0.99/month.